How are we paid?

At Salus, life really means life…

  • One low, lifetime, mortgage advice fee
  • No other “admin charges”, ever
  • We’ll even honour a “lifetime” promise from another mortgage broker.

Our lifetime promise

One small lifetime fee

Your first meeting with us is completely free, with no obligation.

If you’d like us to proceed, we charge a fee of £199 for our services, but only payable on completion of the mortgage.

We think that’s more than fair for the value you’ll get from our advice and help, and the peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best deal.

If your purchase falls through, then no fee is payable.

This fee is a one-off, lifetime fee. So, when you need to remortgage, buy another property or move, we’re here for you. No extra charges.*

For us, lifetime means lifetime

Now, you might be thinking “I’ve heard THAT before!”. Maybe you’ve paid a lifetime fee before, only to then discover there’s a further “admin fee” applied each time you return for a new mortgage or, worse still, another advice fee.

We don’t think that’s right.

For us, it really is one initial payment, then no more mortgage fees. Ever.

Paid someone else before? You won’t pay us!

Because we believe lifetime should mean lifetime when it comes to mortgage advice fees, if you’ve ever paid a “lifetime” fee with another mortgage broker, we will honour that.

Simply prove that you’ve paid before, and we won’t charge you another penny.


* We will typically receive a procuration fee from the lender we place your mortgage with, and this will be fully disclosed at application stage. This fee is paid to remunerate us for the arrangement and processing of the mortgage.

If we arrange insurance, we will usually be paid a commission by the provider but once again, this will be fully disclosed at application stage.

We do not charge VAT on our fees.